10th EASP international conference
Managing Rapid Social Change and
Growing Diversity:
Social Policy Responses and
Changing Governance in East Asia

11-12 July 2013, Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China

 East Asian countries and communities are facing new social challenges as result of rapid social change and growing diversity. Fast changing economies and societies in East Asia present a rather complicated picture and their experiences may be different from other countries in the world in terms of their speed, cultural aspects and complexity. In managing these challenges, governments are developing social policies and the East Asian welfare states are going through some restructuring. Historical background and unique features also pose new questions as to the future path and characteristics of governance in the region. The EASP international conference will provide a forum for lively discussion to address a range of issues relating to these challenges, identify future research agenda and discuss the role of social policy.

  • Steam: 1: Education
  • Stream 2: Family and care
  • Stream 3: Health and Well-being
  • Stream 4: Housing
  • Stream 5: Immigration and diversity
  • Stream 6: Ageing society and the elderly
  • Stream 7: Labour Markets
  • Stream 8: Political Economy of Welfare and Welfare regimes
  • Stream 9: Social Protection and Income Maintenance
  • Stream 10: Economic & Environmental Sustainability
  • Stream 11: Governance

Ketnote Speakers

  • Prof. Alfred Chan (Lingnan University, Hongkong)
  • Prof. Zhang Xiulan (Beijing Normal University, China)
  • Prof. Xiong Yuegen¬†(Peking University, China)
  • Prof. Nancy Chen (National Chengchi University, Taiwan)
  • Prof. Robert Walker (University of Oxford, UK)